About Blankon

BlankOn is a Linux Distribution developed by Yayasan Penggerak Linux Indonesia (YPLI) and BlankOn developers, which aims to build a linux distribution according to the needs of Indonesian computer users.

This distro is suitable for desktop PC, Laptop, Notebook, and netbook. BlankOn Linux contains many application to improve productivity i.e: word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, Project manager etc. Internet i.e: email client, web browser, Instant mesenger. etc. Multimedia i.e: Video player, music player, photo editor, vector editor. music player, so we can use BlankOn at home, School, and office.

BlankOn Linux released for free license and downloadable, for personal use, family, neighbourhood, office, without any paid.

General use application software is available on BlankOn CD's, and additional software is available on repository's CD also in online repository.

BlankOn Community endeavor to create an user friendly distribution for you. after BlankOn installed on your computer, your basic needs on computing is available and your computer is ready to use.

Several reason why BlankOn Linux get sucess: